Sowing the Seeds

How do you wow people with the achievements of a medical school when those achievements are expected?

Go back to the beginning.

In 2014, the UNC School of Medicine approached Capstrat about a video. Contributors and legislators had begun to take the school for granted after years of perpetual growth, community achievements and national recognition. As a result, the school faced a cut in funding which would have directly impacted the quality of education it could provide to its doctors and — in turn — the quality of care those doctors could then provide to their patients.

Tasked with telling a story that everyone expects to end with success, we opted to trace the achievements of the school from its origins to its modern day form, tying each milestone together at the roots.

CD: Lindsey Bennett
AD: Anne Mauser
Copywriter: Colin Dullaghan
Animator: Brian Lee
Producer: Anson Burtch

Awarded a bronze Telly in 2015